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The Screen Printing Process

How we turn your ideas into reality!

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The journey from idea to t-shirt is a detailed one. We start with the customer's idea or logo, next we move on to the art department who takes your idea and starts shaping it into the final design. We then take that final design to our production department to create the screens for each of the colors in your shirt and begin the printing process.


The following is an example email we received as instruction for art that needed to be created:

Thanks for the quote. I am very interested in ordering from you. I tried to get the artwork together, but it isn't workin out. I would love to take you up on your offer for some desgin help. What is the best way to organize that? Who should I call?

I am basically looking to put a design together that relates to a whitewater raftering trip. My group is a bunch of 30 something year olds going rafting on the Black River in Watertown NY. A bright colorful cartoon-like design of a paddle and water or raft and water is all that I am looking for along with the date and location of the trip. Let me know how we can work out the design side of this.


Sometimes customers get more inspiration along the way and can provide us with further details to help narrow down the design process.


As I mentioned, we're a group of adults going rafting on the Black River in NY. We came up with the idea that we would like somewhere on the t-shirt which is that we are each Rocket Pilots. One of the rapids is called the Rocket Ride so some kind of colorful cartoon picture (using colors that will go well on a Navy Blue T-Shirt) a picture of a Rocket Pilot navigating the Black River through its rapids. The names of the other rapids will will go down are:

Club House Turn
Hole Brothers
Three Rocks
Rocket Ride
So little clip art representing each of the rapids would be cute too.

Somewhere on the back we would want to see the words "Black River Rocket Pilot". We also want to see stamped in smaller type "June 22, 2002 Watertown NY"


On the pocket, a picture of a smaller version of the Rocket Pilot or maybe just the face with the words underneath "Black River Rocket Pilot"

Please keep in mind that half of those on the trip are women and the other half men, so it would be better to make the "pilot" a cartoon character that can both can relate to and not too macho or feminine



From this point we contacted the customer to secure payment for the order and get a verbal idea by phone of what the customer's expectations were. We then write the work order and the art instruction sheet.

The next step is getting the art proofs ready!

Now that we have a really good idea of the way the art is supposed to look, we turn the art department loose on the project.

After getting some ideas together, Mike (one of the talented members of our art staff) emailed the customer with some ideas.

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