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T-Shirt Relabelling - much ado about tagless t-shirts

How to get t-shirts with your own custom tags !

As more and more individuals and companies have expressed the desire to start their own clothing lines or fashion brands, we have expanded and adapted our services to meet this growing market.

Where do companies get tagless t-shirts from so they can have their own name in the neckline tags instead of a manufacturer name like "Hanes" or "American Apparel"?

The secret is that the shirts aren't delivered tagless. The FTC has laws on how garments must be labeled before they are delivered to the end customers. All t-shirts must have tags in the neckline before they are sold.

So how do we get your own company name in the neckline labels?

We make it as easy as 1-2-3!


  1. We order blank t-shirts wholesale from the manufacturer or brand of your choice (many brands available)

  2. We carefully remove the manufacturers brand name label, usually leaving only the size and care instructions label.

  3. Our in house finishing department will sew in your own custom tags in the neckline so you are left with a totally custom garment with your brand name!


You are left with a finished product that is completely customized with your brand:

Many manufacturers like Article1, Alstyle, and Anvil have made this process even easier by including easy "tearaway" tags that can be removed with a slight tug.


Relabeling Pricing:

Please note that we only offer relabelling for our printing customers. You will need to get your t-shirts printed through us to use our relabeling services.

The flat fee for removing the original label & inserting the custom label
into the neckline of your garments so you can have your own uniquely labeled clothing line is:

  • .50 cents each for labels that are sewn in
  • .75 cents each for printed "tagless" style labels that are applied via high quality screen printed heat transfer

This price is for the total quantity of pieces being re-labelled in a single order. Prices do not include the labels themselves.


Cost to get your own labels/tags made with your company name:

While we don't create the custom labels in house, we have worked with some top woven label vendors who can create a custom tag with your company or brand logo on it at a reasonable cost.

Check out these companies to get quotes for various quantities of custom labels with your logo:

We can take care of the whole process of helping you source the labels and get the artwork formatted for a small service fee. Ask your sales rep for details.

Hang Tags

We can also attach hang tags to your garments as needed. Please ask your sales respresentative about the pricing for this service.


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